Kentucky Blue Grass

Sods St. John's Newfoundland

Kentucky Bluegrass

At Fiddlers Green Sod Inc. you will find only premium quality sod 100% Kentucky Bluegrass. Our grass looks beautiful and creates an excellent landscape. The sod is very resilient to the coastal northern climate of the island and takes root very quickly and will establish itself right up into the fall of the year.


We sell our sods by the square foot and they are shipped on pallets of 400-500 sq.ft. depending on moisture content. Our normal shipping load is 4000 sq.ft. per load but we will deliver smaller quantities for a delivery fee.  We recommend that you add 5% to your total order to account for cutting and trimming losses.

1.Preparing your site

Ensure that larger rocks are removed and soil is sloped away from away from dwelling or building. Evenly spread 4 inches of topsoil around your property. Distribute lime and fertilizer over the area. Use 5 bags of lime for every 1 bag of fertilizer.

2. Nursing your new lawn

Ensure your newly sodded lawn is wetted thoroughly and rolled. After initial installation water lawn twice daily for a couple weeks. Try to water during the cooler times of the day. CAUTION: Do not over water.

3. Long term Lawn Maintenance

Fertilizing and Lime is key to maintaining a healthy-looking lawn. Sod requires key nutrients that most soil around the island doesn’t provide. In Newfoundland soil is more on the acidic side and we suggest to customers that they should apply lime to keep up the PH. With the correct levels of nutrients and PH, the grass will grow very dense choking out any chance for weeds to sprout. Kentucky bluegrass should be maintained to a height of 2-3 inches for best performance. Annually we recommend 3 applications of fertilizer: spring/summer/fall. Apply lime, if needed, in early spring or late fall.